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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few important questions routinely asked. If you have more questions, feel free to use our Contact Page or call 972-292-7241 to leave a message.


While, on occasion, a volunteer has delivered groceries as an alternate, it is not a policy due to the lack the staff or volunteers to deliver groceries.

However, we do have a policy in place to allow for an alternate person to pick up and deliver to the homebound. If there is a neighbor, family member or friend that can pick up for the homebound, they simply fill out a short form with the homebound client’s approval and may pick up weekly for the client for as long as needed.

To discuss your special circumstances and for more information, please call (972) 292-7241 to leave a voicemail message, or use our Contact Page. We will make every effort to assist you.

Anyone with a passion for helping others is welcome to volunteer. We do require that you call (972) 292-7241 to leave a voicemail message with your name, phone number and a brief message about your availability. Our scheduling coordinator will be in touch with you as soon as possible to get you on the schedule. In the meantime, please visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

If you have a truck (with or without trailer) and would like to commit to a regular pick-up schedule at local retail stores, please let us know.

We also welcome those needing to work off hours of Community Service in Collin County and now Dallas County. Your PO should have provided you with a list of organizations where you can work those hours, or if applicable, a list of donation sites where your donations will count toward your hours. If we are on your list and/or you have received approval from your PO to volunteer at or donate to Amazing Grace Food Pantry, please call (972) 292-7241 to leave a voicemail message. Our scheduling coordinator will return your call to arrange a date and time for your visit.

For those with more money than time to dedicate to this great cause, please visit our Donate Page to set up a recurring donation or one-time gift to help us Fight Hunger in North Texas.

While we hate turn away those in need, clients must meet TEXCAP income guidelines to receive food assistance on an ongoing basis. New and potential clients are encouraged to visit during regular operating hours (Tuesdays 10am to 1pm and Saturdays 8am to 11am) to complete the new client forms and to discuss their situation if special consideration is necessary. No one deserves to go hungry due to a temporary setback or bureaucratic red tape.

Please call (972) 292-7241 (be sure to leave a message for callback) or visit us to find out how much help we can provide in your time of need.

Clients may request special consideration, but currently we lack the storage space and resources to stock items for special dietary needs. We are hoping to one day offer selections for those needing to avoid certain food items and additives. In the meantime, feel free to call ahead of your visit at (972) 292-7241 with a detailed message, or email us via our Contact Page. If we can provide you with alternatives that fit your dietary needs, we will.

We would love to hear from you! You may contact us via voicemail at (972) 292-7241, by mail at 1711 Parker Road, Wylie, TX 75098, or by email via our Contact Page.

We would love the opportunity to address any complaints promptly. You may report the complaint to the Team Lead during regular operating hours, by calling us at 972-292-7241 and leaving a detailed message, or you can use our Contact Page to send us a quick message about your issue.

You may also report your complaint to North Texas Food Bank by visiting

Amazing Grace Food Pantry is exclusively a volunteer charity. All of our volunteer workers donate their time, skill and giving nature to help those in need. If you would like to see how you can help, check out our Volunteer Page.

YES! In fact, in addition to volunteering, this is the best way to help as our relationship with North Texas Food Bank allows us to acquire food at a fraction of retail costs. For convenience, we have a PayPal donation button located on our Donation Page to accept credit card and PayPal donations. Monetary donations may also be delivered in person during operating hours or mailed to 1711 Parker Rd., Wylie, TX 75098. No amount is too small!

While unopened and sealed food is appreciated (eg. cereal, tuna and other canned goods), we prefer financial donations, no matter how small, that allow us to acquire bulk quantities of food with North Texas Food Bank at a fraction of retail costs. Please consider setting up a recurring donation or even a one-time gift via our Donation Page.

Donated items may be dropped off during regular operating hours. Please call (972) 292-7241 to leave a voicemail message to make special arrangements or use our Contact Page.

As an agency member of North Texas Food Bank, we get food from both direct orders from North Texas Food Bank as well as direct pickups from generous companies like Walmart, Target and other retail establishments. We also get infrequent direct donations from community members, but monetary donations are preferred as our North Texas Food Bank membership allows us to acquire food at a fraction of retail costs.

We currently serve over 1,000 people (over 250 families) every month, which equates to the distribution of over 20 tons (yes, tons!) of food that passes through the pantry each month… and the numbers are growing as more and more people find that they need help in these trying times. The more help we receive in both volunteer work and financial contributions, the more people we can feed.

It’s really quite simple; because it’s paid for. Yes, it has its challenges and appears to be falling apart, but hopefully we’ll be able to build a new facility on this site as funds are available. We greatly appreciate any assistance in helping us achieve this goal or even helping us keep this house standing until then.

Please consider a recurring or one-time donation via our Donation Page or check out our Volunteer Page regarding a more hands-on approach.

We exist to assist and serve our community by being an example of Christ’s love and grace through serving families in their fight against hunger in North Texas, and being a place for the blessed to graciously share their generosity with their neighbors in need in their community.

We provide food to those in need in Collin County. The need is great and is growing, the workers are few and funds are always in short supply. We strive to keep our overhead costs as low as possible. Not only is our staff exclusively volunteer, most contribute their time as well as their money so that no individual who enters our facility will leave empty-handed.

Please consider a recurring donation or even a one-time donation via our Donation Page.


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