The Amazing Grace Food Pantry in Wylie is in need  ~   you can help spread the word!  Forward this plea to your contact list.
However small your contribution – it will be a huge impact on a family in need.  This small Collin County pantry distributes, on average, 10 tons of food to over 750 people per month.
The pantry receives its supply of food products from various distributors including major grocery store chains, North Texas food bank & big hearted individuals who just want to give.   We strive to keep our overhead costs as low as possible.   Not only is our staff exclusively volunteer, most contribute their time as well as their money so that no individual who enters our facility will leave empty handed.
The need is great and is growing, the workers are few and money seems to be always in short supply. We challenge everyone, who has a heart for the hungry, to stop by and see for yourselves, the good this pantry provides to those in real need.  We need those who are blessed to help us help those who are not.
Please spread the word, step out in Faith to make these needs known. 
·         Volunteers on weekly or monthly schedule to stock shel