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Estimated Cost: $.00

Severity of Need: Low

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Project Description

While not essential to providing low income families food every week, aesthetic landscaping does lend toward establishing and maintaining normalcy during their trying times.

Let’s face it, no one likes to need help. But, should you need to visit a food pantry, it should be a welcoming experience similar to your local grocery. This helps raise spirits, letting clients understand the community, not just a few people, is there to help and there is no shame in needing help.

Covington’s Nursery in Rowlett has provided the pantry with a landscape design and quote. The two designs provide either basic sod and ground cover (approx $7,000.00), or also adding trees and shrubs to dress up the pantry’s exterior (approx $20,000.00).

We welcome competitive bids as well as those willing to donate their labor and funds to bring the pantry’s exterior to life. If you know of a landscape company willing to offer this service for free or at a discount, please let us know. We’re not opposed to the hard work, but we can’t do it alone!