Project Description

Estimated Cost: $40000.00

Severity of Need: Moderate

Year Completed: September 1, 2020

Notable Contributors

Bloomfield Homes

Project Description

Did you know the pantry has a garage building? We do!

The garage building is used to store excess non-food items, supplies and maintenance tools. While functional, it is quite old and not resistant to weather and extreme temperatures.

A replacement metal building would utilize the existing slab, providing a weatherproof storage area. This safer overflow space can also be used to house additional freezer units, allowing the pantry to take in more frozen product to be distributed over a longer period of time. To meet food storage requirements, the main portion used for housing food must be insulated and climate controlled. These costly, but useful, additions allow the pantry room for bulk storage of food as opportunities arise.

Power must also be ran from the current pantry building’s north side panel location to the garage. The load capacity must be adequate to provide dedicated circuits for several freezers and a central air system, in addition to lighting and outlets for charging cordless tools.

The rebuilt garage would also house needed landscaping tools in a separate space. We are blessed to have been gifted such a large property for future expansion, but more land means more yard work. To safely and efficiently manage this, weed eaters as well as both push and riding mowers are necessary. Storing these costly-to-replace items in the current garage building is a gamble.

UPDATE: Project is COMPLETE. Thank you Bloomfield Homes for your AWESOME help.

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