Another week of blessings at Amazing Grace Food Pantry thanks to the many volunteers who served 128 families. That’s 535 people who will have food on the table for another week.

There were lots of fresh fruits and veggies this week to give out such as grapefruit, pears and carrots. Healthy choices in nutrition promotes better physical and mental health. Families struggling to make ends meet may have fewer medical or dental bills. The kids are more alert in school and having food on the table relieves stress for the whole family.

Love your neighbor, make a difference in their life this year… adopt a family. Just $10 a week provides nutritious meals for an entire family for a week. Visit our Donate page for more details and added options for recurring donations!

The pantry is just a tool for YOU to make a difference in the lives of so many.
Thank you for loving your neighbor with your support!

Meet Priscilla and her daughters. They volunteer when they can. This week the girls are out of school and wanted to come share some love at Amazing Grace Food Pantry.

We heard good things about Amazing Grace Food Pantry from friends and neighbors that have volunteered. We live close by and want to help the community by serving at this pantry.