Amazing Grace Food Pantry provided nutritious groceries to 119 Families the week of 3/16 – which totals 479 people won’t have to worry about if food will be on the table each day. We’re thankful for the abundance of produce to share! The dedicated volunteers welcome new families each week along with the many others who often comment how nice everyone is at Amazing Grace Food Pantry.

Community Recognition!
Thank you to Gateway Church who helped supply toilet paper in March and is working on supplying dish soap in April!  These are luxuries for struggling families!

Thank you to the Refuge Church who is helping with canned veggies in April – part of the nutritious food supplied each week.

New Building Update:
Keep the pantry in your prayers as we seek donations to complete the new building: AC units, Shelving, Refrigeration, etc., along with pouring sidewalks and resurfacing the parking lot to make it more stable for clients to walk or wheel their carts.

Life is hard, we want to help soften any part of these families struggles.

Jessi and her girls take time out of their busy summer to volunteer every Tuesday to serve clients. They fill boxes full with meats, ice cream, coffee, pet food and any hygiene products needed. The girls have fun decorating the client boxes with designs and smiley faces to bring cheer to struggling families each week.