Amazing Grace Food Pantry continues to increase the amount of nutritious food to more and more families in Collin County. In June, over 62,000 pounds of food was distributed. With healthy fresh produce choices like watermelon, potatoes, carrots and broccoli to name a few. This Tuesday was no different. Volunteers served 73 families, including 3 from Garland. While we serve Collin County, no one is turned away. We provide information about resources closer to home and assist them with their needs for the week… just in case.

The first of the month is a special time for us. We get to provide clients with cleaning and hygiene products, along with other monthly non-food items. These products are always in short supply, but are a welcomed addition as they make affording bills, mortgages and other expenses easier for our clients. In addition to providing monthly support for the pantry, donating cleaning and hygiene products is another great way to help.

Did You Know?

Volunteers at Amazing Grace carry boxes of donated food to clients’ cars. This added service is especially appreciated during hot summer days as well as during inclement weather. Amazing Grace Food Pantry is exclusively a volunteer organization… that’s right, no one receives a salary. We are all volunteers, dedicated to helping those in need. This is only possible with YOUR help. Visit our Donate page to arrange a recurring monthly donation. No amount is too small. Use our Contact page to schedule a tour to visit and find out how awesome this little pantry is!

A client wrote a poem for the pantry to share with the community. Thank you, Sally!

Stagnant waters breed disease,
So get on up.. and stir the pot,
It’s time. .. to seize,… new life beyond,
And feel. ..the rustling breeze.

Inside of you.. like Waterfalls.
There’s beauty waiting.. to- be released.

Ask for Help, then get on up…
Cause Its time  to carry on.
No time to waste /nor time to stall

“We’re all a link in the chain.. of life,
And Together, we can ease our  strife.
Live with pur…pose, sail ahoy. . enjoy.enjoy
Cause We’re all spokes.. in the wheel of life”

Hap..piness is in us all..
Listen to your heart . as it calls from within…
Like watered seedlings you will sow
By helping others you will grow
Like a planted’ll bloom
Sharing Love can heal a wound

“We’re all a link in the chain.. of life,
And Together, we can ease our  strife.
Live with pur…pose, sail ahoy. . enjoy..enjoy
Cause We’re all spokes.. in the wheel of life

Face your fears/Wipe your tears/ turn.. the gears.
Stir the pot and watch your life transform.

As you grow
a better world you’ll come to know.

So come on..The time is Now…

Lets Go!!

Amazing Grace Food Pantry - Fight Hunger Together

Take the time to read some of the testimonials from clients and volunteers on our website. Volunteer or donate this year. It will bless you!

Please share this and our other posts on your Facebook timeline, tweet it out on Twitter or forward via email. Many people looking to help or looking for help don't even know that ours and other pantries exist. Let others know there's help for them out there!


More ways YOU can help in the Fight Against Hunger in North Texas

  1. Visit our Volunteer Page to find out how you can get involved directly to make a difference.
  2. Consider arranging a recurring monthly donation by visiting our Donation Pageno amount is too small.
  3. Shop using Amazon Smile – select Amazing Grace Food Pantry as your charity of choice. If you have already, please update your selection.
  4. Use your Kroger Community Rewards Card. Enter our number 92895 to have a portion of your total purchase benefit Amazing Grace Food Pantry.
  5. Visit the Target Gift Registry to review a list of needed items such as canned beans, canned veggies, soups and hygiene products.
  6. Spread the word about us to your friends, family and coworkers! Ask your favorite businesses if they support Amazing Grace Food Pantry.
  7. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, and be sure to share our posts on your timeline.

The volunteers at Amazing Grace Food Pantry and the growing number of clients thank you for your help in fighting hunger in Collin County and North Texas. If you have any questions, comments or would like to know more, feel free to use our Contact Page or call us at (972) 292-7241.


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