September is starting out full of excitement!

Amazing Grace Food Pantry served groceries to 266 people today with 11 volunteers! All pitched in to mow yard, clean and organized stockroom shelves, keep the clients shopping area full and carry out groceries for each family.

Framework for the new pantry’s foundation began today! Volunteers and clients are so excited to see progress toward a new building! We’re stepping out in faith…. we have funds to pour foundation and buy the walls of the metal building. Looking for donations to complete the build. The current building has lasted longer than expected… floors are caving in under the weight of 20 tons of food process through it each month.

No tax deductible donation is too small. When we all pitch in -whatever amount God lays on your heart – this pantry will be completed this year! Clients will have a handicap friendly, safe and clean environment to receive groceries each week… out of the rain, sun or cold.

Check out these progress pictures…

New Pantry Building Foundation 9-3-16 (1)