Estimated Cost: $7000.00

Severity of Need: Low

Year Completed:

Notable Contributors

Project Description

Improving the aesthetic of the pantry is a never-ending task. This project features column facades, skirting for the patio awning and signage affixed to the front.

Square tube framing will be required to provide stable connections for the skirting. The skirting can, and most likely will be, similar panels as used for the building exterior. This skirting not only provides surface area to affix signage, but also will decrease rain exposure under the awning.

The column facades will be chosen based on available funding and expertise. Ideally, a turn-key provider would be preferred to ensure quality work. Options are plenty, ranging from in-place brick columns to facade panels. The column dressing must be sturdy enough to handle the riggers of retail traffic as with any business front entry.

The area provided by the awning skirting would make a great location for featuring our logo as signage. Not only clearly marking which building is the pantry itself, but adding professionalism as well.

We welcome any and all bids for this project and its components. Donations are always welcome and appreciated, from contractors and vendors to those in the community willing to bring this project to life.

As a 100% volunteer charity, we depend on generous community members for every aspect of our operation. Whether paying utility bills, improving the building and parking lot or most importantly, acquiring food for the increasing number of food insecure clients we serve every week.

* Featured image is a digital mock-up of the improvements.