Estimated Cost: $45000.00

Severity of Need: Low

Year Completed:

Notable Contributors

Project Description

Amazing Grace Food Pantry would like to erect a pavilion to be used not only for fundraising and outdoor pantry events, but also for use by other charities and community events.

The North Texas Food Bank has already mentioned interest in using it for their mobile produce program and Church Eleven32 could use it for their Adopt-A-Block meal program. The possible uses are endless and bring some vitality to what now is merely a large concrete slab.

We welcome any and all bids from contractors and vendors. In addition, we appreciate donations from community members to bring this project to life.

As an all volunteer charity, funding is limited. We rely solely upon the community for donated funds to pay utility bills, maintenance and most importantly, to acquire food for the increasing number of food insecure clients we serve every week.

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