Estimated Cost: $410000.00

Severity of Need: Moderate

Year Completed:

Notable Contributors

Project Description

The pantry parking lot has been in disrepair for quite some time. Thanks to Bloomfield Homes and Bee Line Services, we now have adequate handicap accessible parking. However, the rest of the asphalt surface is only getting worse.

In addition to resurfacing, we would like to expand the parking lot to provide additional parking for clients.

We welcome any and all bids for this project, as well as donations toward it. We understand this is an expensive undertaking that requires specialized equipment and knowledgeable workmanship.

Nevertheless, as an all volunteer charity, funding is always limited. We rely solely on generous community members to pay utility bills, maintain and improve the facility and most importantly, to acquire food for our increasing number of food insecure clients that visit us every week.

* Estimated Cost stated is for concrete. Alternately, asphalt would be approximately $272,000