Week ending March 18, 2017, Amazing Grace Food Pantry provided groceries to 108 Collin County families. Good to know that 415 people will have nutritious food on the table this week instead of worrying if they will have money for the utility bills. Food insecure families seldom buy fresh fruit and vegetables – an important part of healthy diets. Along with relieving financial stress for the food insecure families, Amazing Grace Food Pantry offers these nutritious foods knowing these help reduce the risk of some health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and improves the body’s ability to fight off illness.

Thank you to all the faithful volunteers and contributors. YOU make a huge difference in these families lives! Together, we can build a healthier community.

New Building Update: Floor treatment completes Tuesday 3/21, then teams can start interior walls. We’re still searching for HVAC system and Walk In Cooler solutions. If you have a contact in these areas, please leave a voicemail at (972) 292-7241 or use our contact form.

Meet Candace. Candace joined the volunteer list in December.

I have volunteered at other pantries in Collin County in the past, but Amazing Grace Food Pantry ranks #1 in my book. They provide good food choices, food that people would want to buy for themselves if they could. The vibe here is awesome! It’s got a good family vibe, everyone is so nice. Reggie greets everyone with a big smile and makes clients feel welcomed and unashamed of their current financial struggle. This pantry has really motivated me to Pay It Forward in 2017!